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Aspheric Lenses


Shanghai Optics


Optical System & Lens Assembly

Shanghai Optics builds high precision lens. They have a variety of customers in several markets like commercial manufacturing, consumer products, the entertainment industry, life science research, inspection, medical, metrology, and military defense. Shanghai Optics has a high level of quality and success because the assembly process is carefully monitored at every single step. The process includes precise tools, trouble-free testing, and clean rooms with optical isolation tables. Second to none, they are the leading developers in lens systems, optical components, and opts-mechanical assemblies.

Optical System

Extreme care and detailed efforts are taken in order to deliver the best product which results in powerful optical optimization. Engineers use advance tools like ASAP® for modeling and simulation and CODE V® for mechanical design. They also use thermal analysis and stray light and diffraction light analysis. The fully integrated systems include CCD/CMOS, circuit boards, control software design, and sourcing of PCB board. Each project can be fully designed to the customer’s uses and needs. These lenses are used in microscopes, night vision, scanning, and SWIR imaging. 54 years of experience coupled with ISO: 9001 certification create the optimal high end equipment that results in top cost-to-performance ratios in the photonics industry.

After Completion

After the lens is complete the finished product goes through a series of tests to ensure quality. Temperature cycles, dual band infrared lens interferometer testing, modulation transfer function (MTF) measuring device testing, and other tests are conducted to ready the product for its numerous uses. Shanghai Optics experience expands from deep ultraviolet into infrared photography and in street lights and automotive lighting systems. Their dedication towards designing, engineering, manufacturing, and final assembly is custom created for their worldwide cliental. Click on Aspheric lenses for more source.